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The Hefty Family

Meet the Hefty family! The daughter Lyndle, her dad Scott, and her mom Jenny. With a wide variety of recreational interests, they have been REC members since day one. They even participated in the building’s Grand Opening! They were originally attracted to The REC because of its convenient location and then found that the complex checks all of the boxes. Their main goal once joining The REC was to foster a healthy lifestyle through the activities we offer and have fun at the same time. The Hefty family uses every aspect of The REC 3-5 times per week. At our Clip ‘N Climb Center, Lyndle loves the Hex Wall and Jenny loves the Stairway to Heaven. Jenny and Scott participate in lap swimming at our indoor Aquatic Center, while Lyndle participates in swim lessons and loves how fast the big slide is! After swim sessions, Jenny and Lyndle also enjoy playing ping pong in the Game Room. Lyndle loves going to the Little RECers’ Zone while Mom and Dad utilize the Fitness Center’s free weights and cardio zone. In addition to all of the member activities, the Heftys also utilize the public outdoor facilities, including the outdoor track and dog park. The Hefty family recommends The REC because it is safe, kid-friendly, and has an expansive selection of things to do. The Heftys are a welcoming, supportive, and community-oriented family. After reading the following interview, you’ll find they are also a fun, active, and inspiring family.

How long have you been Fairview Residents? Almost 18 years. What super powers do each of the family members possess? Lyndle: “I have the super power of funny faces, sounds and being weird.” Scott: “I have the super power of productive hoarding and making any simple decision take an agonizingly long time.” Jenny: “I have the super power of ignoring over-done funny faces and sounds, minimalism, and making quick decisions.” If you could create a slogan for your family, what would it be? “But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15 What’s one thing you as parents wish Lyndle knew about you as a younger person? Scott: “In 5th grade I gave a girl named Karma a Bon Jovi poster but she didn’t want it so I put it on my wall and cut out the sappy message I had written on it.” Jenny: “I was just like her.” Are you athletes? Lyndle: “I take gymnastics and I’m enrolled in swim lessons at the REC.” Scott: “I played tennis in high school and got into cycling in college. After we graduated, we rode our bikes from Oregon to Kansas in the summer of 2000.” Jenny: “I ran cross-country and track in high school and my freshman year in college. After that, I trained for a marathon and did a couple triathlons.” What motivates you all to live a healthy lifestyle? Lyndle: “Because it’s the best way. It’s way more fun to be healthy than to be not healthy.” Scott: “To feel good, and to have energy to enjoy my life.” Jenny: “I feel a responsibility to take care of the body God gave me. There are so many activities we are able to enjoy and we would like to do those activities for as long as possible.”

When you visit the REC, you have a very good chance of running into this active and friendly family. When you see the Heftys playing ping pong or swimming in the pool, say hello and we’re sure they would say hello back. The REC is lucky to be able to provide the space for their family-fun.

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